Business Resources

If you are involved with a business or organisation and want to get your colleagues involved in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal then this resource page is for you.

Team Hope wants to make it as easy as possible for you and your colleagues to get involved in this years Christmas Shoebox Appeal, so we have developed some specific resources to support you including the following:

  1. A new Business Resource pack as a PowerPoint presentation (download here) with lots of information to help you share the Christmas Shoebox Appeal within your organisation can be downloaded outlining the following :
        • You and your colleagues can fill a shoebox with gifts for a vulnerable child overseas
        • Your business or organisation might like to act as a local Drop-Off point within your community (accepting other donated Christmas Shoebox gifts on behalf of Team Hope with your address officially listed on Team Hope’s website late Oct. through to early Nov.)
        • You and your colleagues can volunteer in one of about 50 local Checking Centres around the country
  2. Flat pack shoeboxes are available by the case for organisations here to buy, so that their staff can easily get involved in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal – we often hear of some difficulties sourcing empty shoeboxes locally, this is a way for you to help your colleagues get involved – as every shoebox counts!
  3. Leaflet display stands, leaflets and posters can all be ordered here and these free resources will all help you promote Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal within your organisation.
  4. Request a speaker or representative from Team Hope to share directly with you and your colleagues about the Christmas Shoebox Appeal in your place of business – please email Team Hope on