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Our story

Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal is an annual campaign that delivers gifts straight into the hands of children affected by poverty. Often these shoebox gifts are the only gift that a child will receive at Christmas and the joy that they bring is incredible. Since 2010, with your help, we have delivered over 2.1 million Shoebox gifts to Vulnerable Children across the world.


Christmas Shoebox Appeal

With your help, we sent an outstanding 173,366 Christmas Shoebox gifts to children across 12 countries in Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Ways to give your shoeboxes

  • Building your Christmas Shoebox at home

    Our drop off points have finished collecting your boxes for 2022. Watch this space to see where yours go!

    Or click below to take part online until December 23rd!

  • Build a shoebox online

    Using our online box builder and “tell me about yourself” upload feature, you can build and customise a box online. Don’t forget to pay your €20 donation to ensure your box gets sent.


Where they went

See where the Christmas Shoeboxes in your area have gone to!

Bunny’s Shoebox Journey

Bunny’s Shoebox Journey brings the story of the Christmas Shoebox Appeal to life for our smallest learners.

See where you can get your copy!


Read stories of children who received your Christmas Shoeboxes last year!


We’re here to help

You can find all of our downloads and other useful information on our “Resources” page.

Shoebox stories

Thank You

Thank you – behind every box is a child who you have helped make smile. Read our full THANK YOU here.
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Boy smiling holding a pack of 5 toys cars.

173,563 Thank You’s!

Last year, with your help, we sent a phenomenal 173,563 thank you’s! Christmas Shoebox gifts to children across 12 countries in Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Here you can read the stories from some of the children, see how much your Christmas Shoebox gift really meant to them and how it brought joy, happiness and hope to their lives.
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Where your Christmas Shoeboxes have gone

Your Christmas Shoeboxes left in huge shipping containers from every corner of the country in November and December! Every year they journey across land and sea to meet the children who will love them! We are beyond delighted that so many children have been sent given these amazing gifts of love and we can’t wait to share their stories with you. Have a look through the grid below to find out where your Christmas Shoebox has gone
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Flat pack shoeboxes

Flat pack shoeboxes

Flat Pack Shoeboxes are unavailable for sale in Dealz this year, we look forward to their expected return to stores in 2023!

This year flat pack shoeboxes are available for purchase from Team Hope in bundles of 50 to make it easier for your business/group to take part.

Get involved by using our campaign hashtags #MakeAChildSmile #ChristmasShoeboxAppeal