Helping vulnerable children overseas

Team Hope is an Irish, Christian and child-focused international development organisation. Founded in 2010, we work in Africa and Eastern Europe to help children affected by poverty or marginalisation.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Thank you so much! You have made 176,615 children smile.

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Team Hope’s International Programmes

Read all about the work Team Hope is doing in communities all year round.

Where your Christmas Shoeboxes have gone to

Your Christmas Shoeboxes have gone to 176,615 children in 12 countries across Africa and Eastern Europe. Click here to see where yours has gone!

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Read the stories of children who have received Christmas Shoeboxes 

Changing Communities

Our Team dreams big. We work in communities in 14 countries across Africa and Eastern Europe. By working to empower communities and help children, we give roots to societies to grow, develop and flourish.

How can my school help?

School involvement is very important to us as we truly believe that by engaging children and students, developing their awareness and giving them opportunities to act, they will grow to be compassionate and giving. From pre-school to secondary school, there are lots of ways for your class to get involved.

Confirming Hope

For children doing their confirmation, this program helps students explore how they can make a difference both locally and globally.

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Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Every child deserves to feel the magic of Christmas with our Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

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  • Ukraine Appeal

    Through our partners in the neighbouring countries of Moldova and Romania Team Hope is assisting those fleeing conflict. We need your help.

Recent news

Giving solace, smiles … and pineapples. 

April 7th 2024 marked the 30th anniversary of the start of the 1994 Rwandan genocide when almost 1 million people were killed in 100 days. One way in which people are being helped to rebuild their lives is by growing pineapples! As a result, the children in these households are growing up in an environment that is more holistically healthy in terms of their mental, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.
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Born Free

HIV is one of the biggest challenges faced by more than one million pregnant women globally each year and our story shows how one women in Eswatini overcame this challenge and is now helping other women to do the same. This is a story of hope.
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Water is Flowing!

In South East Kenya Team Hope has a new project that is helping to get safe running water to communities. On December 12nd 2023, in Nzewani Community, water stared flowing freely for the first time from 200 meters underground! The new borehole was celebrated as the best Christmas present ever for the 1,800 + children living in this community – a gift that will keep on giving for many years to come.
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