Ways to Donate

Rwanda Small Business


With your help, Team Hope is restoring dignity and self esteem with Kick Start business projects in Rwanda –  Through this they really can face a future full of hope.

For just €200 Get your team and maybe even your whole organisation involved.


ProjectsTeam Hope runs many projects aimed at helping the most needy in our many programme countries across Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

With these projects and with your help, we believe that we can bring genuine love and hope to those most vulnerable.

The Gift Catalogue

The Christmas CatalogueThrough our gifts programme, we offer you the chance to give a specific gift. From €10 to €200, you can choose the gift that is right for you or your group.

A gift that is really effective and can often make the difference between life and death for a child living on the margins of society.

Shoebox Donation

CSA22015If you haven’t yet given €4 for your Christmas Shoebox Appeal gift that you have very kindly put together, please donate here.

We ask for a minimum of €4 per Shoebox gift to help make this all happen.