Company FAQs

Are your accounts audited?

Yes, our accounts are fully audited annually and filed with both the Companies Registration Office and the Charities Regulatory Authority.

Where can I see your accounts?

In addition to the Companies Registration Office, our last three year’s audited accounts are available in the About Us section of the Team Hope website.

Is Team Hope a registered Charity?

Team Hope is a registered company (company number: 359820) with charitable status (CHY 14524) and registered with the Irish Charities Regulator (number: 20047627).

Do you comply with a charity code of governance?

Team Hope’s board has adopted and complies with the Charities Regulator Governance Code which sets standards of best practice for charitable organisations.

Team Hope  has been awarded Triple Locked status by the Charities Institute of Ireland as a charity which upholds the highest standards in transparent reporting, good fundraising and governance.

Are there any other codes you comply with?

Who is your CEO?

Peter Heaney is our Chief Executive Officer, with many years’ experience of development work in Africa.

Does he have a pension?

He receives a pension contribution, which is paid into a separately administered pension fund.

Does he receive any other benefits?


Are your Directors paid Directors fees or any other benefits?

All our directors are volunteers and do not receive any fees or benefits.

What percentage of your income goes on overheads or administration?

In our most recent audited accounts for 2022/23, 93% of Team Hope’s expenditure was spent on direct charitable activities and the remaining 7% covered support costs, governance and the cost of raising funds.


Since you fund projects overseas through partner organisations, how can you be sure that the money is spent as you intend?

We have built up long-standing relationships with our international partners who, in turn, are respected organisations in their own countries. We monitor all funding carefully, with well defined accountability and reporting structures in place.

How can you guarantee that the Christmas Shoeboxes all go to the children they are intended for?

We meet and work throughout the year with our international partners, who distribute boxes in line with detailed distribution guidelines. Our partners who in turn work with local structures (government social welfare offices, churches etc) to help identify and select children affected by poverty, illness or social problems and for whom a shoebox would make the biggest difference. set up procedures to ensure that it’s the neediest children who get Christmas Shoeboxes. Our staff and volunteers travel to see the shoeboxes being distributed and all our partners are required to return detailed reporting of where the boxes went.

Are your staff and volunteers Garda vetted?

All relevant staff are Garda Vetted.

The Garda Vetting Bureau have stated that our current volunteer roles do not require Garda Vetting.


Do you include religious materials in the Christmas Shoeboxes that are given to children?


Are you able to claim tax back from the Irish Government, on any gifts I make?

Yes, as an Irish registered charity we can benefit from the Government tax back scheme where your gift exceeds €250 and you complete the Revenue form required to support our claim.

Do you receive any Government funding?

In recent years we have received no Government funding.

Team Hope did avail of government support through the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme between 2020 and its closure in 2022