We Always Have Hope.

Our team came together as Team Hope in 2010 with the goal of helping disadvantaged children overseas. With a strong Christian foundation, we truly believe that it is our calling to have compassion, to combat oppression and to help foster and develop societies that protect and empower the people within them.

Based in Ireland, we saw the need for the creation of focused programs in communities less fortunate than our own. We focus on Africa and Eastern Europe, where children’s lives are still heavily impacted by poverty and inequality.

Our Mission

We work with communities to transform children’s lives by tackling poverty and inequality through our Christmas Shoebox Appeal, sustainable development projects and in raising awareness of poverty’s causes and impacts.

Our vision

Team Hope is committed to a world where children are able to fulfil their holistic potential, free from the injustice of poverty, discrimination and inequality.

Our values

Dignity and compassion

Team Hope believes that every human being has inherent dignity and we commit to respecting and promoting their voice and agency in our work. Foundational elements are our compassion for and empathy with those who are disadvantaged due to an uneven distribution of resources. In particular, we will help to empower communities and individuals who are vulnerable, marginalised or discriminated against.


A belief in this inherent dignity also leads us to adopt the highest levels of professional integrity possible, in our conduct and also in the quality of work Team Hope delivers.


We value inclusion and primarily incorporate it into our work in two ways. Firstly, we seek to ensure that neither race, gender, ability, religion, politics or any other distinction limit a person’s opportunities. This means we work to benefit children based on need alone, with special consideration of additional needs or discriminations faced by them. Likewise, in Ireland we aim to create a diverse environment where everyone can participate in Team Hope’s activities, especially through volunteering. Secondly, Team Hope works to create an inclusive atmosphere where the opinions of our partners, volunteers and staff are included and represented in decision making.


Team Hope works primarily through local partners in the countries where it operates. Our overseas partners bring an in-depth knowledge of culture, language and context. Working with them contributes towards an active and effective civil society able to speak and act on behalf of communities living in poverty. We are also committed to working in partnership in Ireland to complement others’ skills, knowledge or abilities and together achieve better results.

Accountability and Transparency

As a charity Team Hope is accountable both to those from whom it receives support as well as to communities with whom it works. A key way in which this accountability is fostered is through transparency on what Team Hope does, how it uses the resources at its disposal and what results this achieves. As part of this, our accounts are independently audited and published annually here.

Our Ethos

Our Christian ethos provides the basis for why Team Hope exists and the values we hold.

We believe that God has created and loves all individuals equally, presenting us with the call to do the same: to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ This represents a radical challenge in a world where many are not treated equally and where poverty, discrimination and marginalisation lead to suffering and unfulfilled potential. 

Christian teaching gives a strong call for us to address poverty in all of its manifestations. We are called to show love to the poor, to have compassion, to combat oppression and to create societies which protect and empower the disadvantaged. Poverty is not just limited to an economic interpretation but is based on a holistic model including economic, social, spiritual and relational aspects. Given the unique vulnerability of children, Team Hope works primarily to show compassion to them, to address the structural causes of poverty and to advocate on their behalf.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team on the ground in Dublin, Ireland.

Peter Heaney


Introducing Peter, our passionate CEO who joined the team in 2018. Having volunteered for a number of years with us at Team Hope, Peter also served on the board. He holds a Master’s Degree from UCD in International Development and has been working in the international development sector for the past 10 years, some of which were spent living and working in Ethiopia and South Africa.

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Stephen Conway

International Projects Co-Ordinator

Meet Stephen, on the team since 2008. Stephen co-ordinates the overseas elements of our work linking with our partners on development programmes and working out the logistics of getting shoeboxes to their destination countries.

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Jonathan Douglas

Christmas Shoebox Appeal Manager

Introducing Jonathan, who is responsible for leading our Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Passionate and dedicated, Jonathan is responsible for working with our wonderful volunteers who bring our Christmas Shoebox Appeal to life. He also does a lot of planning and preparation throughout the whole year!

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Theresa Wood

Christmas Shoebox Appeal Officer

Theresa joined Team Hope in 2015 as Executive Administrator but now works alongside Jonathan to plan and implement the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. She helps coordinate and support our wonderful volunteers and prepares many of the Shoebox Appeal resources.

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Rachel Browne

Education and Digital Communications Coordinator

Schools play a huge role in helping Team Hope and Rachel is responsible for guiding our engagement with them. She also looks after our social media, creating content and sharing our story.

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Declan Doran

Finance Manager

Declan has worked part time for Team Hope since 2018 and helps manage and account for Team Hope’s funds.

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We have an independent board with a variety of experience who help to govern us throughout the year, meet the board.

Our Partners

Aside from our core team, we realise the importance of working with local partners in the communities where we operate. Our overseas partners provide insight into culture, language and the identification of opportunities for real change.

Where We Work

Sub-Saharan Africa

Burkina Faso
DR Congo

Eastern Europe

Moldova / Transnistria

What’s happening on the ground?

Building Up Communities In Kenya

Our most recent project in Kenya is working in an area inhabited by the Kamba community. 50% of the community is made up of children and most families eat what they grown in their own gardens. But the land there is dry and the rain is unreliable so food is not plentiful and children’s health suffers because of the lack of nutrition, clean drinking water and sanitation.
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Ways to make a difference

The children who receive your shoeboxes come from communities affected by poverty where they often face deep challenges. Communities often struggle with issues like a lack of clean water, the inability to provide balanced, nutritious meals each day,  poor healthcare, low incomes and exclusion. That’s why the shoeboxes that they receive make such a difference! 
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A local roadside shop in Kenya on a sunny day

Addressing the Water Crisis in Rural Kenyan Communities

 Has your water ever been turned off? If it has you’ll probably have had the realisation of how vital it is for so many things – cooking, cleaning, flushing the toilet, drinking. No one understands the importance of water better than Team Hope’s partners in Kenya.
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