Board Members

Our voluntary board is responsible for providing effective governance and oversight to Team Hope. Our board members are recruited from around Ireland, and come from a variety of backgrounds, with a diverse set of skills which allow them to provide appropriate guidance and governance to our charity.

Meet the board

Steven Singleton

Steven Singleton is the chair of the TEAM HOPE Board. When Steven and his family lived in Thurles he was the local co-ordinator for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Now living in Dublin, he is the Principal of a third level theological college in Dublin.

Kate Hogan

Kate Hogan is a primary school teacher based in Dublin. Kate was a volunteer coordinator for the north Dublin Christmas Shoebox checking centre and has also been on distribution teams.

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson lives in Dublin and works as a civil servant. She has previously worked for an international development agency and has travelled widely living in both South America and Cambodia.

Michael O’Connell

Mike O’Connell lives in Limerick and recently retired as Vice President of Limerick Institute of Technology. He is a Chartered Accountant and higher education consultant.

Audrey Wilson

Audrey Wilson lives in Co. Monaghan, having worked in the community and voluntary sector for over 15 years. Audrey previously led YWCA Ireland, and now works as a Community Mentor for Independent Living Movement Ireland’s ONSIDE project. She is particularly passionate about volunteering and social inclusion issues.