Team Hope’s project for Confirmation students

Confirming Hope is a free Confirmation resource, introducing students to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals in a fun, relevant, multimedia presentation.

Over 4 sessions we focus on Goals 1,2 and 6 we explore how young people can make a difference both locally and globally within the context of their Confirmation.

Each of the 4 (40 minute) sessions in this resource:

•Nurtures imaginations and engages students with interactive activities and asks questions to encourage the development of critical thinking.

•Examines how God, through Confirmation, can help and equip us to help others. Each session includes elements of the Confirmation Curriculum.

•Engages students in critical thinking and provides ideas for action, developing active citizenship.

•Explores ways in which other young people have made big differences through case studies.

This visually coordinated Confirmation resource comes with built in video links.

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