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Click here to see pictures of the children who have received schools packs in Malawi so far!

Confirming Hope

In Africa, many children cannot go to school or receive an education without help. Children need copybooks to write in, pens to write with and a school bag. A ruler and erasers would be an extravagant extra. These items are not expensive but they are not available to everybody. Due to this need, Team Hope runs Confirming Hope, to help some of the poorest children in Africa – Students much like themselves that simply don’t have the same opportunities.

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One Schools Pack costs approximately €20

Confirming Hope is a unique one-time opportunity for students to meaningfully make a difference.  After receiving their own Confirmation money gifts, students can pay it forward and make a real difference.

To take part as a class, register here to receive our Powerpoint presentation and lesson plan with support from our Schools Coordinator.


Here are the latest pictures from Malawi!

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Students Helping Students!


We suggest giving €20 or more so a school bag and supplies can be given

allowing a child in Malawi to receive an education.

By joining Confirming Hope your Confirmation class can take part in finding out more about life, culture and schools in Malawi.


Confirming Hope looks at how people live outside of Ireland, how students can help to make the world a better place.

Confirming Hope can provide your Confirmation class with a lesson plan. We recommend that you ask your students for an anonymous donations of the amount they would like to give.

Students will be receiving money for their Confirmation, so why not encourage them to be thankful for what they have, and happy they can give?  Of course we encourage students to discuss Confirming Hope with their parents about the project and about giving their own money towards this education project.

We would love for your class to join Confirming Hope along with other schools across Ireland.  We will provide you with a complete lesson plan including a PowerPoint presentation, to help educate your Confirmation students.

If you have any questions please do get in touch, fill in the form below or email our schools coordinator, Rachel Browne at   rbrowne@teamhope.ie

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