Sustainable Development Programmes,
Building Hope for a Better Future

Year round, Team Hope works through a range of sustainable development initiatives, working with communities to build strong, safe and progressive environments for vulnerable children and establish real change for a brighter future.

How we help

In 14 countries across Africa and Eastern Europe, we have worked closely with our local partners who provide a direct link to the communities we operate in.

Team Hope works exclusively through these local partners who are committed to serving their communities. The following are examples of areas we are dedicated to making a difference in.

Addressing poverty and hunger

Poverty and hunger affect millions across the globe currently. Team Hope seeks to provide help to children living in poverty through working with their families and communities to bring lasting change. One of the effective ways we empower families and help increase their income is through Village Savings and Loans Associations.

Clean water

Having clean water, the ability to access basic sanitation and practice basic hygiene can have a huge impact on the lives of children and families in developing countries. It reduces illnesses and helps children to grow up healthier and stronger. Basic hygiene and sanitation in schools can also help ensure children, especially girls, are more likely to finish their education. Team Hope helps provide sustainable access to water as well as working to empower communities to change hygiene and sanitation behaviours.

Child Empowerment and Protection

Children are amongst the most vulnerable in any society. Team Hope works to help ensure that they are protected and cared for in a safe environment.


We often take for granted that healthcare is a given in modern society but this is not the case for many of the countries we operate in. Our projects in healthcare include direct medicine such as hospitals, clinics and home-based care. We also implement projects which seek to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS through raising awareness, reducing stigma and providing support and care to those affected.

Quality education

Making sure that education is available to all children, regardless of income or background, is a vital part of what we do. We work with our partners to build schools, support children throughout their school years and partner with Irish school children to create connections overseas.