What a difference 3 hours makes 

The life changing impact of bringing water to a community with 400 homes in Kenya 

This time last year women and girls in Nzewani community spent an average of 3 hours per day collecting water for their families, for their crops and for their livestock.  For some it was double that time and there were no days off.  Water is the most essential basic necessity for each of us to survive, for crops to thrive and for livestock to survive. 

Just before Christmas 2023, Nzewani community received the gift of water. Through the generosity and kindness of people like you in Ireland, who support the work of Team Hope, we were able to provide funding to our partner NACODEV to install a borehole which, so far, is providing water to over 400 families.  In April this year we visited Kenya and heard first-hand the difference this is making in people’s lives. 

Faith Munyithya is a mum of 3 children; Cynthia (14), Denis (12) and Janet (7).  Her husband is unwell and bedridden.  Faith told us that she is adamant that her children are going to get a good education but in the past it has been very hard for her to come up with the school fees every term while also ensuring her children didn’t go to bed hungry.  Within a few months all of this has changed.  When water arrived in her village Faith suddenly had time to do tasks that she never had before as she used to walk 4 hours per day to get water.  And not only that, she had access to more water in a day than she could have ever imagined as the water point is only 100 meters from their home.   

The impact has been almost immediate.  The hours that had been spent collecting water are now spent tending her small field where she can plant a wider variety of fruit and vegetables, knowing that they will not die due to lack of water.  She also has more time to care for the small amount of poultry they own as well as time to cook more varied and nutritious meals for her family which will improve gradually as her crops grow.   Faith shared ‘We did not have the good diet because even we had no time to plant but now we shall be planting and eating good diet for nutrition and healthy bodies’. 


The poultry will also provide more as they grow whether in the form of chicks or eggs or chicken to eat and sellFaith expects to also have surplus crops from the next harvest which she will bring to market and sell in order to provide for her children’s school fees as well as other essentials such as medical care for her husband. 


Faith’s eldest daughter Cynthia, who is 14, is also impacted greatly by water coming to the village.  Many days after school and on weekends she went to collect water, to add to the water her mother had already fetched, to meet the needs of a household of five people. The average water use for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene in any household is at least 15 litres per person per day. This meant that Cynthia had very little time to focus on her homework during daylight hours as there is no electric power to provide light in Nzewani.  Cynthia was also very tired most evenings which often carried over into the next day limiting her concentration at school.   Faith and Cynthia are also greatly relieved that young girls in this community no longer need to go long distances to collect water as there was always a risk of being approached by men and older boys and being abused sexually. 

The story of Faith and her family is multiplied by the 400 households that now have access to water in this community.  Giving women and girls back at least three hours each day, together with a constant flow of water, is turning this community around making the future much brighter for its children and for generations to come. 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to have this water here and to Nacodev and their partners. Blessings beyond measureMay God continue adding to you peopleNow I don’t carry water on my backI just get water here!’ Jacinta Mduku, a grandmother in Nzewani community who had been walking 6km to collect water daily since she was a young girl. 

To allow Team Hope to continue to provide clean water to communities, please consider supporting us with a one off or monthly donation.  Every little bit makes a difference.