Blog: Changing Communities

Building Up Communities In Kenya

Our most recent project in Kenya is working in an area inhabited by the Kamba community. 50% of the community is made up of children and most families eat what they grown in their own gardens. But the land there is dry and the rain is unreliable so food is not plentiful and children’s health suffers because of the lack of nutrition, clean drinking water and sanitation.
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Ways to make a difference

The children who receive your shoeboxes come from communities affected by poverty where they often face deep challenges. Communities often struggle with issues like a lack of clean water, the inability to provide balanced, nutritious meals each day,  poor healthcare, low incomes and exclusion. That’s why the shoeboxes that they receive make such a difference! 
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A local roadside shop in Kenya on a sunny day

Addressing the Water Crisis in Rural Kenyan Communities

 Has your water ever been turned off? If it has you’ll probably have had the realisation of how vital it is for so many things – cooking, cleaning, flushing the toilet, drinking. No one understands the importance of water better than Team Hope’s partners in Kenya.
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Hope after Darkness

Last year we got the news that a children’s centre that Team Hope support in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had been destroyed and burned when violence erupted between rival militia groups. Since then...
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Addressing hunger and poverty: VSLA Malawi

We seek to provide help to children living in poverty through working with their families and communities to bring lasting change. One if the effective ways we empower families and help increase income is through Village Savings and Loans Associations.
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