Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Create your own shoebox

Our shoebox collections have finished for 2023. Watch this space to see where yours go!

  • How to fill a shoebox

    Filling a shoebox can be a very personal and thoughtful process. Creating a gift for a child living in poverty means that you can include some essentials along with some fun bits. See below how to create the perfect shoebox gift.

  • 1. Wrap the box

    Wrap your regular sized shoebox in snazzy Christmas wrapping paper. Please wrap the box and lid separately so we can easily open it up.

  • 2. Decide who your gift is for

    Decide who your gift is for, a girl or boy aged between 2 – 14. Print off your label or use the one on your leaflet – tick the age group and stick it on the top right-hand corner of your shoebox lid.

  • 3. Fill your box

    Fill your box with lovely gifts using items from the 4 W’s list below. Please don’t include anything on our ‘what not to include’ list or something you would not be happy to receive yourself.

  • 4. Pay for your shoebox

    Don’t forget to add €5 to help us get your box to a child. You can donate online or include cash in the envelope provided with the leaflet. You can place the cash envelope on top of your gifts inside the box.

  • 5. Secure your box

    Hold the box together with a large elastic band. Please don’t seal it with tape as we have to check each box for custom purposes. Get your boxes to us by November 15th by dropping them at one of our national drop off points.

What can I put in my box?

  • Write

    Pens or pencils, crayons, paper or copy books, colouring books, markers, sharpeners and erasers.

  • Wash

    Soap (wrapped), hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and facecloths.

  • Wear

    Socks, underwear, flip flops, hat, scarf and gloves.

  • Wow

    Cuddly toy, skipping rope, a yo-yo, sweets (that do not go out of date for at least 6 months), small musical instrument, photo of you and your family, toy car, doll, ball and stickers.

What not to include?

If you include objects from the below list, they will be removed. Read it carefully to ensure you make the best box you can.

  • Liquids

    shampoo, bubbles or drinks or hand gels

  • Chocolate

    or food that isn’t sweets ie. canned food or perishable items

  • Sharp objects

    scissors, tools, pen knives etc.

  • Scary things

    war related toys, masks, snakes or Halloween toys etc.

  • Breakables

    mirrors, mugs etc.

  • Medicines

  • Books with lots of words

  • Large clothing items

    any item of clothing that takes up too much space