2023 Christmas Shoebox Appeal: THANK YOU!

Thanks to your outstanding donations we were able to send 176,615 shoebox gifts to children in 12 countries across Eastern Europe and Africa as part of the 2023 Christmas Shoebox Appeal. For many of these children, this is the only gift they will have received this Christmas (or in their lives before).

We know every box contains cherished items that can transform a child’s life; a scarf and woolly hat can keep the cold at bay or a simple pen and notebook could be the passport that a child needs to be able to start their journey through the education system.

Through the giving of a shoebox our Partners can also identify other needs and provide help. Your kindness spreads to the families and communities and the ripple effect you start with your shoebox gift can never be under-estimated.

Christmas Shoebox Stories

  • Laura in Albania

    Laura is a little girl from Vithkuqi who is in kindergarten.
    She was very excited to see her Christmas Shoebox and opened it immediately!
    She loved all of the gifts so much and was showing everyone her presents. She couldn’t wait to go home and play with the new toys and use everything that was in her shoebox.

  • Rachel in Eswatini

    This is Rachel. Rachel is one of the many children in Eswatini that received a Christmas Shoebox full of of hope, joy and love!
    The joy Rachel experienced was written all over her face especially as the beautiful pink head piece she was given was placed on her head. She couldn’t believe all the items she was gifted in her Christmas Shoebox were for her. She felt very loved!

  • Adina in Romania

    Adina is 10 years old and is the oldest of 8 children.
    Inside their small home, the children were poorly dressed, some with bare feet. Their joy was palpable as they found gloves and scarfs in their shoeboxes! Adina kept the pens and crayons and she shared the sweets with her brothers. Their mother was so grateful for soap, tooth brushes and toothpaste.

  • Simon in Burundi

    Simon said that each item in his Christmas Shoebox was of such great importance to him. He especially loved his sunglasses which he immediately tried on and kept on his head!
    He also said he loved the sweets and gloves and of course the toys!

Specific Thank You’s

Our Volunteers:
We are so grateful to everyone who has given an hour or 100 hours (or more!). We know every volunteer is generously committed to making Christmas special for children.

Thanks to Duffy’s Express Freight and many other groups including sports clubs, the Gardaí, The National Defence and local Fire Brigades for travelling across their counties to collect shoebox gifts from drop off points. Similarly, to our Super Knitters, to dedicated teachers and truck loaders across the country, every volunteer is valued and we will never forget what you did – or do – for us.

Our Ambassadors:
We are so grateful to Aisling O’Connor, Devin Toner and Dr. Marie Coyne. They have encouraged so many people across Ireland to get involved in the Appeal.

Our National Drop-Off Partners:
Dealz, Poundland, Drop Inn, Toymaster, First Stop and to all of our independent drop off points across the country, we couldn’t do this without you!

Our Corporate Volunteers:
Once again, our Appeal was supported by some truly amazing staff volunteers from companies like Apple Inc., Guidewire, KPMG, Mastercard and Medtronic, all of whom donated gift-filled shoeboxes, volunteered in our checking centres and made Matching Gifts to Team Hope.