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Christmas Shoebox Appeal

This year our #ChristmasShoeboxAppeal is going to be run differently. Due to the effects of Covid-19 restrictions, it is not possible to send gift-filled shoeboxes from Ireland this year, so we’re asking schools, families, friends, communities and businesses to #TeamUpForTeamHope by donating gift-filled shoeboxes online.

These donations will allow our network of local partners in Africa and Eastern Europe to purchase items for shoeboxes, which will then be delivered straight into the hands of children affected by poverty. Often these shoeboxes are the only gift that a child will receive at Christmas and the joy that they deliver is incredible.

If you would like to download a copy of our campaign video, you can do so by visiting our Vimeo page (here) and clicking the “Download” button below the video player.

The Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal Week

You can do your shoebox any time up until 23rd December but from 9th – 15th November, we are running the Christmas Shoebox Appeal Week. During this time we will be encouraging schools, families and communities to celebrate the Christmas Shoebox Appeal by building and donating their shoeboxes online, sharing pictures on social media using #TeamUpForTeamHope, coordinating fundraisers to purchase shoeboxes, and learning about the Appeal and the importance of giving.

Although this year may be different, the need for shoebox gifts is more important than ever. Help us spread the word and continue to bring joy to children affected by poverty. Each gift-filled shoebox is €20.

How to take part


Tell us all about you

Personalise your box. Print out and colour in our resources (optional).

Get downloads

Build a box

Use our fun packing tool to create your own digital shoebox (optional).

Get started

Donate for your shoebox

Finish your shoebox by making your €20 donation or if you’d prefer – you can skip straight to this!

Donate now


Once your donation has been made, you’ll be sent a link to upload your personal story.


Tell your friends!

Let people know that you have helped a child in poverty and use the hashtags.
#TeamUpForTeamHope #ChristmasShoeboxAppeal #EveryBoxCounts

Personalise your shoebox

Let the child receiving your shoebox learn more about you. Help us to tell your story with these fun activity sheets. Or if you prefer, go straight to donation.

Build a box

Create your own shoebox by adding some of your favourite things. Each shoebox should be made up of a mixture of the 4 W’s – Wash, Write, Wear and Wow. This makes sure each child gets items that they both need and will love.

Use the icons below representing each of the 4W’s and click on the images to see your items appear in the box! Once you’ve got 3 items from each of the 4W’s complete your donation to send your box.

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We have a number of resources to help educate and entertain both students and businesses around our Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Business resources

Download now

Pre-school resources

Download now

Primary school resources

Download now

Secondary school resources

Download now

Our media partners

Get involved by using our campaign hashtags #TeamUpForTeamHope #ChristmasShoeboxAppeal