44,749 Thank Yous!

We are thrilled to have received 44,749 online Christmas Shoeboxes which have been delivered to children in 12 countries across Africa and Eastern Europe.
Thanks to your generosity and support our International Partners were able to shop in their local economies and create physical Christmas Shoeboxes and Christmas Bags to give to the children. The commitment and support from each person was a true testament to the belief in the Appeal and to everyone’s ability to adapt to the situation we were in. The result was shoebox gifts distributed to children who might not have received a gift this year without your support, belief and love.

Shoebox Stories

Deborah in Malawi

Deborah found all of the items she needed to continue her education in her Christmas Shoebox.

She was so grateful to Georgia, a girl from Ireland who Deborah called, ‘her new friend’

Sophia in Transnistria

Sofia’s winters are very cold and she had never been happier than when she opened her Christmas Shoebox and found her very own fluffy socks. Her shoebox made it possible to have a very happy and warm Christmas!

Vincent in Rwanda

Vincent is 11 years old and lives in Rwanda.

His Christmas Shoebox was a backpack he could use for school. Inside he found more items for school like copy books and pens. He was so grateful to the Irish family that sent his Christmas gifts and for the photo wishing him a very happy Christmas.

He said, “Today is a good and memorable day”

Daria in Transnistria

Daria is being raised by her grandmother. She was overjoyed when she found a doll in her Christmas Shoebox. She had always wanted, ‘something girly’ that was just for her. She couldn’t stop smiling and show everyone what she was given. She felt so loved and cared for.

Mike in Malawi

When Mike woke up one morning, it was “the most glorious day ever”. He was so excited to open his Christmas Shoebox gift bag. He loved his pack of socks, colouring books and soap.  There were so many gifts in his bag that he started jumping and running around the grounds shouting, “my gift has come!”

Ana in Kosova

Ana is 5 years old. She was so happy to receive her Christmas Gift bag from Ireland. She ran around the room telling everyone about her Christmas Gift bag and showing them the drawing of ‘her friend from Ireland’ that sent her a Christmas Bag.

Your incredible fundraisers

A special thank you to everyone that organised and participated in the many fundraisers for online Christmas Shoeboxes in 2020. We were overwhelmed by the high number of fundraisers and the obvious passion for the appeal and care for the children that came from each one. Some of the outstanding fundraisers included 1000km walks, online auctions, online raffles, readathons, Christmas Jumper days, non-uniforms days, leg waxings, birthday fundraisers and many more! Thank you all! Click here to read more about them.

Your donations made a difference

The donations you give with your shoebox, not only help us cover the costs of the whole appeal, but they also allow us to help communities in the countries your boxes go to. With your support, our partners are able to carry out projects like this one in eSwatini in Africa where we support those affected by HIV. We’ve helped to create support groups in the South East of the country, linked to local clinics, for those who are HIV positive. We are one year onto this three-year project. The project’s other aim is to strengthen our partners’ capacity to advocate and mobilize communities towards elimination of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS and to provide education to rural populace to achieve zero new infections. Read more about this project here.

A Huge Thank You

2020 brought about big changes for Team Hope, and indeed for everyone in Ireland, as the Christmas Shoebox Appeal was moved entirely online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Everyone, whether it was people here in Ireland or our International Partners, embraced the change and understood the need to adapt how we worked last year.  For this we are truly grateful.

We are so thankful for the support we have received for our first ever solely online Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Special thanks to our retail partner, Dealz for all their support of the Appeal during the pandemic. We also had fantastic collaboration in 2020 from our media partner Her and once again from our wonderful Ambassador, Irish international hockey player and 2021 Olympic hopeful Elena Tice. We’re also grateful for the incredible support that came in from churches and corporate partners across the country.

Finally, special thanks to everyone single one of you who supported the Christmas Shoebox Appeal in your own way in 2020. Every shoebox is special and you’ve helped make a huge difference to 44,749 children living in very difficult conditions across the world. Thank you!

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Did you personalise your shoebox?

  • 97% added a toothbrush & toothpaste to their box
  • 92% added a copy book & colouring pencils to their box
  • 82% added soap to their box
  • Did you know … WASH & WRITE items were the most popular?