Making a Difference

Here are just a few of the fundraisers being run by our volunteers to raise money for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal!

The appeal is running ONLINE this year and every €20 raised will enable our partners overseas to put together a shoebox, which will then be delivered into the hands of a child affected by poverty.

Micheàl’s Birthday!

This year, Micheàl Moran, aged 10, chose to ask his friends and family to donate to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal instead of giving him gifts.

At 10 years old his generosity is incredible and he raised €315!

Thank you so much Micheàl!

Micheàl and goes to St Joseph National School in Kilmessan Co. Meath.

His classmates and mum Ruth should be very, very proud of him.

Mid-term heroes!

Isabelle Mulholland and Giahân Fagan from Loreto High School, Rathfarnham, Dublin raised over €1,740 through a raffle they ran together over the Halloween mid-term!

That’s 87 children who will receive shoeboxes!

They raised the funds for the prizes by walking dogs, lifting up leaves, cleaning cars, and carrying out some tasks for our families.

Words from Giahân:

“For years now we, with our families have always put together a number of shoeboxes. We loved looking at the images of all the beautiful children receiving their boxes and the happiness on their faces when they opened them up. We realised this year would be difficult, so we worked on a plan to try and help out  as best we could, as we both feel very passionate about this worthy cause. After receiving some Team Hope posters, Isabelle and I, designed a  giant poster- board and worked on a fundraising initiative to raise as much funds as we possibly could to try and purchase many online shoeboxes. We decided to keep it as simple as possible due to all the current restrictions. During mid-term we raised some money by walking dogs, lifting up leaves, cleaning cars, and carrying out some tasks for our families. With the funds raised we bought some raffle prizes. We thought we would just run a small raffle. Then we worked on a short video and forwarded it by WhatsApp to all our family and friends. We asked them all to donate anything at all so we could try and put a shoe box together on their behalf. The response from this reach-out has been absolutely fantastic and we are so absolutely thrilled to say to you that we have raised: €1,740!”

Anna’s MEGA social media raffle!

Anna Power in Waterford ran a raffle in October from her Instagram page PaintingSticks (@paintingsticks)

She asked local businesses to contribute and came up with prizes worth over €300!

Anna raised €1,052, providing Christmas Shoeboxes to over 52 children!

The kindly donated prizes were were:

3 MONTH subscription to @thebookresort ? €50 voucher for @old.soulvintage ?€30 voucher plus coffee from @mollys___ ☕️ €30 voucher for @finderskeepersthestore ? 12 cards and one framed print from ? earrings from @phat.poly ? comics donated from @waterfordcomics ?‍♂️ tasty food items from @mideastmezze?gorgeous creations from @cutie_crochet_waterford ? a beautiful children’s book from @bookshelf_by_the_sea ? craft packs from Anna @paintingsticks

Follow that Hat!

Anne O’Neill and her hat are raising funds for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal with their daily walks. Anne’s goal is to cover all of Enniscorthy’s beauty spots during November by walking 200km!
Anne and her friend Mags Kiernan wear different hats on every walk and have set up a Facebook page where their friends and family can donate to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal!
This is such a great idea and a lovely way to have a bit of fun within their 5km while making a massive difference to children!

“You can’t stop when you’re trying to help others”

Dillon is 12 years old and decided to to a read-a-thon for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal! He asked that everyone sponsor a shoebox.  He started at 2pm on Saturday and read straight through the night till 10 am on Sunday. When his mum tried to get him to go to bed he said “You can’t stop when you’re trying to help others”.

Edna and Hazel’s Mega 1,000km!!

Edna and Hazel in Cavan are running a Just Giving Fundraiser to raise money for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal by walking 1000km before Christmas!

They set an initial target of €500 and have already reached over €1000! That’s 50 shoeboxes!

Trim team members Jana, Jenn, Julia and Adri are giving up some their comforts, like coffee for 20 days! We take our hats off to their amazing sacrafice!

“Now’s not the time to be making a profit”

Samantha in Donegal set up a new business during lockdown #1 making facemasks! She has done an incredible job (we have several of her masks and they’re super!)

She originally intended to make up shoeboxes with the proceeds but with the switch online all proceeds of her business will go to the Christmas Shoeboxes being made by our partners access Africa and Eastern Europe. Such incredible generosity!

When Samantha and her mum’s mask making took off on social media Samantha says her mums words were “Now’s not the time to be making a profit”. Thank you for being such an inspiration ladies!

Her page is @simplycraft14 on Facebook and Instagram