Community Development Projects in Eswatini

Team Hope has been working with partners for many years in Swaziland, a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS. The disease impacts on almost everone in Swaziland and has been the reason for huge numbers of deaths across all genders and ages, with the biggest losses being in the male population. This has left thousands of women and children with no visible means of income.The-cooker

With Christmas Shoebox distributions opening many doors for Team Hope and our partners, it gives a fantastic opportunity to assess the real needs within the communities. With Community Development projects, we strongly focus on our Asset Bassed Community Development (ABCD) model of practice. This is to encourage all communities to look within themselves for the assets needed to help make our development projects work. Assets such as practical labour, available land, wisdom and experienece. Partnering these assets with necessary funding assistance has made a fantastic difference in the areas we work on within Swaziland.






Team Hope has established almost 100 Income Generation / Self Help groups.

These groups continuously look at new and better ways of earning badly needed income, through their own peer support.

With our help they receive the necessary training to maximise their potential. Whether it’s growing foodstuffs, selling clothes, producing floor polish or many other activities….. with your help, these Self Help groups are making a difference to literally thousands of people.

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Some other CDP that Team Hope has focused on in Swaziland :

  • Childrens rescue centre
  • Fruit trees farming to provide income
  • Piggery to womens groups
  • Raised bed garden/ Back yard farming
  • Fuel efficient stoves






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