World Water Day

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World Water Day 2017

You will have heard in the news this month that due to a lack of rain, famine has been declared in South Sudan. These droughts have also caused great hunger across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Yemen.


WORLD WATER DAY falls amid growing concern for the people in these countries and their ability to survive without water for drinking and for growing food.

One of the countries at the centre of this disaster is Kenya.

Team Hope have been working in Kenya for many years, and through our partners there are helping local communities. Read more about our water projects.

In the area of Mwala, the ground is sandy, making it difficult to grow food or fruits to sell. Team Hope have responded by building SEVEN SHALLOW BORE HOLES which reach into the ground and bring water to the surface through pumps, like we once had in Ireland!


These pumps provide water for local farmers to grow maise, which feeds the local community. They also grow mango trees and banana trees, the fruit of which they sell.


Recent drought has meant that even these wells can’t provide enough water and farmers have had to choose what they can afford to water. They have watered the mango trees only, so far, as mangoes bring in the most money when sold.

But the maize crop has failed and local families are starving.

More rains are expected for the entire region in April and Team Hope will be able, with the help of our generous donors, to PROVIDE SEEDS FOR A NEW CROP TO BE SOWN. This maize will provide the vital, staple food source for local families, often being the only food they will eat each day.

If you would like to get involved, click here to read more about the project or donate here:

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