The WOW factor!

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Three people approach the house there is one familiar face, the other two from Ireland. Two boys run to meet this group, Sasha who is 8 and his little brother of 6. They have smiles on their faces as they can see boxes!  Christmas shoeboxes, wrapped in paper and as they get closer the excitement increases. Mum is there and a bit stand offish the group stay at the gate and give these boys the greatest Joy they have known in a long time. Life is hard, life is tough but this day they were filled with Shoebox Joy….with Hope. A picture speaks a thousand words, well Sasha’s pictures do not bring words but tears.  He is a lovely boy and so grateful. When Sasha was given his box, he was SO excited.  He squealed with delighted. He couldn’t believe it and looked at all the contents. He kept saying “Klass” or “wow” he was so very happy.