Reverse Advent Calendar!

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We all know that Christmas is an expensive time of year. With aunts, uncles, neighbours and colleagues filling up our Christmas lists. It can be the same for schools!

At this time of year there can be huge pressure on schools and their families for donations, fundraisers and other charitable events.

We have come up with one way that schools can encourage their pupils to give something back that doesn’t¬†break the bank or take hours of time.


A reverse advent calendar means that instead of getting lots of things in the run up to Christmas, we give things!

And this calendar doesn’t require a daily commitment, but a weekly one!

We suggest that students work with their teachers to pick a local charity that they are interested in, whether it’s a women’s refuge or a ¬†homeless shelter.

Then each week in December they bring in just one item. This way they aren’t putting a burden on their family’s weekly shop or being asked to gather a whole bunch of old clothes or toys.

With just one item a week you can put together something really meaningful for those struggling this Christmas!