Lent: Make your sacrifice make a difference!

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Lent is a great time of year for personal growth. We are encouraged, especially here in Ireland, to make a 40 day sacrafice, usially in the form of giving up something we like. This can be done for the purpose of connecting with our faith, leaning harder on God and spending more time with Him as we inevitably struggle to make it to Easter! Others take part to lose weight, get fitter or healthier or to give up a bad habit. Because it’s for ‘lent’ we are all doing it together which offers so much more support and community than trying to quit something alone. If you’ve given up something for lent, we have added another way to ‘make it count’, by making a difference!

We are saving the money from our usual 3pm chocolate bars and spending it on children in need.

Our catalogue has so many items we provide to support children, their families and communities, such as mosquito nets (€10), Chickens (€15), Goats (€50), schools packs (€15) and water filter systems (€60)

And our projects offer specific causes that you can donate any amount to.

Contact us if you want more information and maybe get your friends and family together and for €20 you could make a HUGE difference!