Happiness in Belarus

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The simplest thing in a shoebox can be the thing that makes a difference!

Ira is 12 years old and was born into a troubled family, she had no father and her mother was an alcoholic. Ira often went to sleep hungry and relied on neighbours who would give her clothes and food when they could.
At a custody hearing Ira’s mother handed her over to the state, saying that she was fed up with her.
 Ira became withdrawn and depressed.
Ira’s aunt Valya took her in and looked after her. At the Christmas party where shoeboxes were given to children in need like Ira, she made some friends who went to the same school. This made Ira feel less alone.


Ira, Belarus

Valya, her foster mother, keeps giving thanks for Ira! In her shoebox Ira received toys and a Hello Kitty notebook which she is very proud of. She loves her hat, scarf and gloves and was so excited about the sweets! A gift from far away means the world to Ira.

The Hello Kitty notebook

changed things for Ira because she no longer carried the shame of not having a book to write in at school.
She no longer felt like the poorest of the poor.
She had something to be proud of, to help her to hold her head high.
Who knows what part of the shoebox you send will make the biggest difference, but rest assured, it WILL make a difference!
Other children in Belarus, where 9,491 of your shoeboxes went last year!
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