How Rich We Are…

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I don’t know about you, but most of the time I don’t feel very ‘rich’. Carol, our Christmas Shoebox Appeal Manager at Team Hope, recently showed me this simple poem (author unknown) and it is a great reminder of the wealth we really have…

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Living in an expensive country like Ireland, it can be hard to feel ‘rich’. We are constantly being shown people who are richer than us, whether on TV, Social Media or as we drive down streets with bigger houses than ours.

It was on a trip to Ukraine, visiting homes made of corrugated iron and seeing families living in one room basements that I first felt like my little rented apartment was big. When I left I was pretty sure that my home was too small, that it needed a good coat of paint and that my couch needed an upgrade. 3 days later I knew I was living in luxury. I have heating, I have cups and plates and beds. I have windows and doors and food in my fridge. I am rich.

I went on to find some more resources on this that you may find useful.

The Giving What We Can website offers a calculator that works out your wealth in relation to the rest of the world!

And using the Deloitte website you can even calculate this percentage after tax.

An average income in Ireland of €45,000 (CSO) puts you in the richest 0.8% of the worlds population!

 Of course our country is not perfect and we don’t ‘feel’ rich because we still struggle and we have to deal with high car insurance costs, the high price of school books and what feel like never ending bills through the door. What this poem, and videos like the one below remind us of is that there are others out there with so much less.

It has certainly helped me to feel grateful today!