2020 Elections

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With GE2020 now just around the corner we’ve come up with a handy activity sheet to get your whole family involved in picking your next representatives!

Choosing who to vote in GE2020 for and trying to learn what we can about every candidate is a bit overwhelming (or is that just me?!). Also, with so much at stake the responsibility itself can make the choice of who to vote for even more stressful. So how do we help our children to learn how to make these big decisions so that when the time comes they’re ready to make the best choices?


First- explaining the system so that everyone can understand!

Taken from www.Oireachtas.ie, here is a video on what elections are. This series of videos are really excellent for teaching primary classes all about the Oireachtas.

Next, how can students get active? Here is our handy activity sheet to get your young people involved in choosing who will represent them. They can even help you to make your decision in 2020!



Critical thinking is one of the most important practices we can teach our young people, and something we strongly encourage in Confirming Hope, our Development Education program for primary schools.

Another focus of Confirming Hope is active citizenship. One of the primary lessons of this is that no one is ever too young to make a difference!

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