Cipi’s story

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In 2016 over 40,000 of the 254,218 shoeboxes donated in Ireland went to Romania and were distributed by our partners there.
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Cipi lives in an old military base with his parents. There is no running water there and it was very cold. Temperatures reach freezing for a lot of the winter in Romania and the family and their neighbours have no heating.
When Cipi opened his box he started to cry.

Our partners asked Cipi’s friend why he was crying & he told us that they saw a toy on someones TV and he really wanted it, and when he opened his box he found something the same!

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Then he took his crayons, cars, and sweets, treating each one like a special treasure.

42,760 of your shoeboxes went to children in need, like Cipi, in Romania!

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What a difference each shoebox makes!
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