Christmas Gift Catalogue

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Boys running with a gift in their hands. Red wrapping paper with Santa or a tree on it.  A little bit torn but still intact. There are smiles, there is joy,  sure it’s Christmas !   What child doesn’t smile when they receive a gift?  What’s the big deal?  If you take a minute to look, these boys climb upon rubble to take their boxes home. They are used to that fact. There is no longer glass in the windows, big holes in the walls. What is there to be happy about, no one really knows.  But when life if difficult when times are tough, when the world is uncertain, when there is never enough. A gift?!  How could this be? A gift that appears out of the despair. A gift wrapped with tender care. No possessions to be found…but a gift?!

What is a gift that comes when times are tough? What is a gift to a child who has seen too much? It could be war, or sickness, maybe running a household yet  only a child. It could be a lack of education or simply no food. It could be so many things that a child may need.

It is not fair, it is definitely not right. But what can be done, it’s too big to fight.  Well it’s something so small that we can see, but to this child it’s everything!

Why send a gift, when there is hunger? Why send a gift, when there is sickness?  Why send a gift, when we have troubles at home?  Why send a gift…

They are children! Yes, they need food! Yes, they need healthcare! Yes, they have many needs! But simply to be a child, to dive into Shoebox and be filled with joy forgetting the bad. Sweets and treats, a hat and scarf, a facecloth of their own it’s only a start. Items to be treasured for years to come. Someone thought of them with love and concern.

Think about kids like these at Christmas time and what can be done. Your gifts can be meaningful and can help others in need. Click into our Gift Catalogue and make a difference to those in need. Maybe an online shoebox, water filters, a chicken or a goat. Meaningful gifts, a way we can be thankful for what we have and grateful for what we can give.