Maybe you’ve not thought about a Will or what your legacy will be?
With TEAM HOPE we’ll ensure you leave a lasting impact in this world.

You may have recently received correspondence from TEAM HOPE or you may been thinking about leaving TEAM HOPE a legacy gift already. Below we offer some guidance on this type of donation.

TEAM HOPE’s work with children in poverty is year-round, as we work with many in-country partners supporting International Development Aid projects like Water; Sanitation; Education, Healthcare and Income-Generation. We couldn’t do this without the on-going generous support of donors like you. A legacy gift, for example, would go towards supporting Women/Girls coming out of being sex trafficked in Eastern Europe; relieve hunger for those affected by HIV/AIDS through income-generation in sub-Saharan Africa; or used by TEAM HOPE where the need is greatest at the time e.g. replanting crops after drought.

It’s always good to have a Will in place and should you like to leave a legacy to TEAM HOPE, below is the next simple step you can take, based on your circumstances:

  • If you have already made a Will with a Solicitor you can instruct them using this section as reference
  • If you have a Will, but prefer not to involve your Solicitor, you can complete the Codicil (this legally amends rather than replaces an existing Will – see specific Codicil guidance notes)
  • If you haven’t yet made a Will we can suggest www.makemywill.ie and we’ve also provided below

Should you decide to leave a legacy gift to TEAM HOPE, we thank you and we can assure you that it will make a lasting difference in this world.

If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01-2940222.

If you don’t already have a Will or a Solicitor
then you can contact MakeMyWill.ie directly:

TEAM HOPE have teamed up with MakeMyWill Solicitors so now it is even easier to make your Will. You can draft your Will by phone or email at a time that suits you. This is a 100% confidential, professional and affordable nationwide service.  Visit www.makemywill.ie for more information. Alternatively please call Susan Murphy directly on 086-8377559 or email her at fhfna@znxrzljvyy.vr .

Please note that this service is only suggested as a convenience and there are legal costs associated with making a Will and/or leaving a Legacy. For every Will referred to MakeMyWill, they will donate a percentage of their fee to TEAM HOPE, all you have to do is mention that you heard about them from this letter.

The following is an interesting and informative article recently published in The Journal :

Poll: Are you worried about not having a will?
Dying intestate leaves the division of your estate in the hands of the law of the land.