Where we work

Sub-Saharan Africa

          • Burundi Meeting the medical, spiritual and educational needs of families, and providing HIV/AIDS awareness, screening and aftercare. Administering vital vaccinations to children.
          • DR Congo Working in schools and orphanages of the High Plateau of Eastern DRC. Most are refugees / survivors from the Genocide war.
          • Eswatini (Swaziland Giving women the help to get out of the cycle of poverty by making and selling local crafts or produce. Linking our Christmas Shoebox Appeal to growth in the community
          • Kenya Alongside a local church, we are meeting the needs of a community in sanitation, water and education projects
          • Lesotho Bringing help to orphans and those with HIV/AIDS in rural mountainous Lesotho. Working with the local shepherd boys to give them a basic education.
          • Mozambique Assisting local orphanages in care for marginalised children and orphans. Also providing half-way housing for when they become young adults.
          • Malawi Working in Phalombe, one of the poorest regions of Malawi to bring genuine hope for the future.
          • Rwanda Helping local education authorities in providing quality education

Eastern Europe & Post Soviet Union States

          • Albania Albania one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, and the latest recipient of TEAM HOPE Christmas Shoeboxes. We work with partners in both Tropoje and Durres, helping orphans and children.
          • Belarus  Belarus Team Hope have once again begun sending Christmas Shoebox gifts to some of the most vulnerable children in Belarus, where suffering is still part of daily life.
          • Kosovo Kosovais one of the newest countries on the world map, reaching across an ever changing chart that is Europe.
          • Moldova Moldova Through education and employment sectors, we are helping girls who are at risk of being trafficked, or who have been trafficked, re-establishing themselves back into society
          • Romania RomaniaProviding HIV/AIDS care, and care for street children and orphans in Western Romania. Also running social care programmes for the most needy & elderly food projects.
          • Transnistria Transnistria Enabling a local dynamic partner organisation to address some of the needs of their community, in the poorest country in Europe
          •  Ukraine  UkraineBringing practical care to street children in Odessa, and helping families in the surrounding villages. Also running rescue programmes for the most vulnerable children.


In addition, our Christmas Shoebox Appeal sends your shoebox gifts from Ireland to children in almost all of these countries