Where we work

Sub-Saharan Africa

          • Burundi Over recent years Team Hope has supported the building and equipping of a clinic, run by one of our local partners that has increased medical and diagnostic availability to communities in the capital, Bujumbura.
          • DR Congo Working in South Kivu in the east of the DRC, an area affected by ongoing conflict and instability, Team Hope supports a project to help protect street living children and youth from sexual violence. We also recently provided a flour mill to a rural community to help reduce the workload and travel time for women farmers.
          • Eswatini (Swaziland) Team Hope has for many years supported Self Help Groups where individuals, mostly women, come together to pool small amounts of savings. Group members can then take out loans to help pay for things like school books or uniforms. They also get training to be able to invest their savings in small businesses which generate more income for the whole group.
          • Kenya Working in the semi-arid land of Machakos county Team Hope and their local partner support improved education through increasing access to schooling, improved water access through rain water harvesting, the creation of dams for irrigation as well as running improved hygiene and sanitation programmes.
          • Lesotho Team Hope has most recently worked with local partners to implement a project to teach teenage girls sewing skills to increase their chances of employment. In addition to this support has also been given to households caring for children affected by HIV/AIDS through providing training and resources for raised bed gardens to grow vegetables which help to provide income and a nutritious diet.
          • Mozambique Through our Gift Catalogue, Team Hope has been able to provide mosquito nets to protect families from malaria and has given broods of chickens to support incomes for unemployed youth. In addition, Team Hope has worked to expand access to education in rural areas.
          • Malawi Working in Phalombe, a predominantly rural area in the south east of Malawi, Team Hope supports projects to improve income through improving community assets, skills and savings as well as supporting access to early childhood care, training and education.
          • Rwanda Team Hope, working with a local partner, provides micro loans and training to support small business for families affected by poverty or who are survivors of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.  Team Hope has also been heavily involved in the primary education sector with investment in building and learning.

Eastern Europe & Post Soviet Union States

          • Albania Still dealing with the long term impact of having one of the world’s most isolated communist dictatorships in the 70s and 80s, Team Hope sends shoeboxes to children in areas still affected by poverty and marginalisation.
          • Belarus Often described as ‘Europe’s last dictatorship,’ since its independence in 1991 Belarus has witnessed relatively few of the changes some other former USSR states have seen. Team Hope sends shoeboxes to children affected by poverty in the Vitebsk region.
          • Kosovo emerged as an independent state from the ethnic conflicts that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia. Team Hope sends shoeboxes to children there still affected by poverty and the after effects of conflict
          • Moldova  Through education and employment sectors, Team Hope has been helping girls/women who are at risk to re-establish themselves back into society. Also teaching next generation children of the risks posed.
          • Romania Although now a member of the EU, Romania still has some areas of high poverty, increased by social marginalisation. Team Hope sends Christmas Shoebox gifts to children in Romania as well as supporting children through our partner’s social work as part of our international sponsorship programme.
          • Transnistria An unrecognised state that broke away from Moldova in 1990, Team Hope sends Christmas Shoebox gifts to children in Transnistria.
          • Ukraine  With the second lowest GDP per capita in Europe, Ukraine has also been affected by recent conflict with Russia in eastern areas. Unequal wealth distribution means poverty affects the children that Team Hope delivers Christmas Shoeboxes to.


In addition, our Christmas Shoebox Appeal sends your shoebox gifts from Ireland to children in almost all of these countries