Team Hope Projects

TEAM HOPE runs many projects aimed at helping the most needy in our many programme countries across Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.

With these projects and with your help, we believe that we can bring real hope to the needy.

Small start ups

Rwanda Small Business

Restoring dignity and self esteem through Kick Start business projects - For just €200 Get your team and maybe even your whole organisation involved. APP

Kenya Water programmes

Your donations can have a huge impact with our BSF community water programme. KWP

Confirming Hope

Meaningfully make a difference from your classroom in Ireland to another classroom in Africa. CFH

Wherever Its Most Needed

Let us place your donation where it can best help those we serve. You can also fill in a comments box on payments page WMN

International Sponsorship Programme

Make a huge difference to children and their families. ISP

Swaziland women’s groups

Swaziland women’s groups. SWG

Moldova Trafficking Projects

Help us fund some life changing projects for vulnerable women MTP

International Volunteer Teams

Volunteers bringing love and happiness to so many children ITEAM