Quality Education (SDG 4)

Making sure that education is available to all children, regardless of income or background, is a vital part of our Community Development Projects. Ensuring fully inclusive, quality and modern learning, Technology and E-learning’ has also become an important aspect of this sectors future.

Rwanda – One of the fantastic examples of how Team Hope is really ‘helping vulnerable children overseas’….  Working in several regions with partners in Rwanda, Team Hope has been involved in the building and equipping of many schools. Over ten years ago now, Fred Buyinza (one of Team Hope’s in-country partners) had the vision to make education available for all, regardless of whether or not they could afford to go to school. Since then, and through the amazing support of the people here in Ireland, we have worked with Fred in helping this vision become a reality.

Fruits of Hope 2016 (62)Fruits of Hope Academy primary school now has almost 500 students, many of whom are being helped with part or all of their school fees. Since the school began there are now students that have graduated to High school. They too continue to receive help and support to complete their schooling, from the primary school they achieved so much success with over their years there.

Exactly HOW is clean water linked with education ?

When in Kenya, Team Hope visited Florence to hear her story. Her entire family were sick, suffering from water borne illnesses. Her kids were missing far more school than was good for them. When they were invited to take part in the new water filter programme, Florence was a little unsure. BSF home - Florence But today, a couple of years on, all of Florence’s children are back attending school full time and feeling the full benefits of clean water.

Florence has asked us to express her thanks to everyone who has donated towards the Team Hope ‘Clean water’ programme.

Confirming Hope is a project where 6th class primary school students here in Ireland have made a huge impact directly, with students their own age in many countries in recent years.

  • Bringing computers to a centre for rescued children in Swaziland.
  • Providing school water systems to schools in rural Kenya
  • Most recent programme is gifting school bags to children in Phalombe, rural Malawi. These bags are packed full of things for class, pens, pencils, books, etc…  MAIN HOME

In the mountain hills of Burundi our partners there – through Team Hope’s conservation farming projects – are growing crops to help run their school feeding programme. This food hugely encourages students to attend school more regularly, thus giving themselves a new hope of a better future.

Grant funding from Trusts and Corporate groups has very generously been given to provide vital aspects of schooling. Library text books for a school and it’s wider community in Mozambique. School text books were a very important purchase for one of our primary schools in Rwanda. Fruits of Hope Academy also benifited from a Corporate grant towards an incredibly up to date Technology programme, including Satellite internet and modern approaches to teaching methods.

Eastern Europe is an area that also needs improvements in education. Team Hope’s partners in Moldova are working through all levels of schools to teach children of the dangers that still exist in this troubled country. Through interactive programmes they warn the pupils of the dangers of drugs, alcohol abuse and of the real risk of trafficking into Western Europe or Russia