Healthcare (SDG 3)

Tema Hope Healthcare program in Burundi.
Team Hope’s healthcare programs in action, Burundi.

Within Team Hope and it’s Community Development Projects, Healthcare can cover many visions – including that of direct medicine such as Hospitals, Clinics and Home Based Care.

One of our strongest regions of activity for holistic Healthcare projects is in the mountainous region of Burundi (One of the poorest and most troubled countries in the world). Our partners there run a complete medical centre, providing Maternal care, basic medicines, nutrition feeding for the under 5’s and so much more. For over ten years now Team Hope has been involved in the development of this centre. Now, through conservation farming methods, they even grow enough food to feed their patients on a daily basis.

There are however, many other ways the we can and do impact in the world of Healthcare. As is so often the case, Children are those less able to help themselves and yet are still neglected by many people who have the ability to help. That’s where Team Hope and it’s in-country partners make such a special difference.


HIV/AIDS care eSwatini is an area of healthcare that we have  partners working very actively to help bring some real respite and genuine hope for the future. Through our partners in eSwatini we are now reaching right in to the heart of rural Lavumisa, providing high quality Home Based care to those on ARV treatments.

Dental care for children most in need is one of Team Hope’s newest and most exciting projects. Through our partner in Western Romania, within the last year alone we have reached hundreds of the poorest children in the Hunedoara region, fighting dental diseases that can have such devastating long term impacts with a child.

In many other situations we  are working with more indirect care projects such as creating the opportunity to fight hunger and malnutrition through Income Generating programmes. With all that we do, Team Hope still focuses on ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) rather than giving simple handouts. This has become the example we teach all of our partners to follow.

Some countries we run healthcare programmes in:

Team Hope Income Generation Program
Team Hope income generation program, Swaziland.

eSwatini –  Self Help Groups (SHG’s) Generating income to provide money for food and therefore strength to attend school etc.

Team Hope Healthcare Program
Team Hope HIV/AIDS education program, Mozambique.

Mozambique – through Orphan care and HIV/AIDS Home Based care our partners are reaching right into the depths of rural mozambique to impact children living in extreme poverty.

Training in Moldova 1 copy
Team Hope working with those caught in trafficking, Moldova.

Moldova – Working with women who have been rescued from the Trafficking trade or teaching children how to avoid the traps, is very much part of a healthcare project.

Team Hope BSF water program
Team Hope BSF water program, Kenya.

Kenya – Clean drinking water is one of the most important aspects of Healthcare. Read real life stories of children who are now healthy enough to go to school because of Team Hope’s BSF water filter systems.

Read more about or work in each country here.