Gender Empowerment (SDG 5)

Across the globe, Gender Empowerment and equality is recognised as a leading requirement development goal. Recognising that everyone is equal in God’s sight is a fundamental pillar of all we do.

Sadly, in many cultures gender roles are stereotypical and particularly women are treated badly and often violently.  Addressing this with our partners, we seek to support projects where everyone is equally respected, irrespective of gender, age, religion, class or skin colour.


For example in eSwatini – we work with ….women’s groups in rural areas to bring dignity and alleviate poverty.

Team Hope has been partnering in Self Help Groups for many years now. Bringing so many encouraging opportunities to the women of eSwatini.

Here in ‘First world’ Europe, we often have a confused idea as to what happens when a community is devestated by HIV/AIDS. Quite often it’s the male population that reaches highest mortality rates, leaving women to struggle through. Many of these women have spent their entire lives being dependant on the men in their lives. Thus, they have to start all over again, learning how to provide for themselves and their remaining families.

Team Hope Self Help Groups teach these women that they have the ability to learn, they can have the skills to earn and they desrve the right to be respected.

In Burundi we have recently funded a programme that allows mothers with young babies the freedom to spend the day in work because they now have a new Creche facility. This seems like a simple act, but in fact when you realise that the local men are not available to help, it makes the Creche so important.

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Before this happenned the women had to bring the young children with them and litterally put them in a hole in the ground so they didn’t get in the way. Now the women can earn income – independant of the men in the community. They are also being upskilled in modern day child care methods, as they take turns in helping out in the Creche.