Fill a Box - 5 simple steps to follow

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To make your shoebox, all you need to do is:

COVER a regular sized shoebox. Wrap the box and lid separately (you may use a hinged shoebox or similar size plastic container). If your shoebox is very large we may (reluctantly) have to it.

CHOOSE whether your gift is for a boy or a girl and the age.  Print the Boy/Girl label (or use one from our leaflet), tick the age group, and stick it on the top right hand corner of your shoebox lid.

COMPLETELY FILL YOUR BOX – using items from the 4 W’s list. Please DO NOT include any items from the “What Not To Include” list.  Out of respect for the children please only include items that are new or items you would be happy to receive yourself.

CASH, CHEQUE or DONATE ON LINE? To get your box to your child we need a donation of €4 per box. You can donate online here!  Alternatively you can use the envelope in the leaflet and place it on top of your gifts inside the shoebox.

CLOSE THE BOX  with an elastic band. Please don’t seal it with tape as we have to check each box for custom purposes. Then drop it off by November 8th at one of our national drop off points ! Here’s a growing list of places

What can I put in my box?

Please put in a selection of small gifts from the options below: (but out of respect for the children we ask that all items be new, or good as new)

Dealz stores nationwide, have some great offers and ideas for filling your shoeboxes and along with other independent retailers are also selling Team Hope Flat Pack Shoeboxes!

Please don’t put in …

Food (apart from sweets), chocolate, medicines of any kind, war related items, large clothing items, anything breakable, any liquids that could spill or freeze, sharp items, scary things (like halloween stuff, or skull and crossbones or books with words).

We reserve the right to remove any items listed above that are not suitable or dangerous for the receiving child.