Russia Invades Ukraine

After weeks of build-up and war mongering, Russia has invaded Ukraine. Air and missile strikes have taken place on cities and Russian troops have crossed the border in multiple locations as part of what may be the largest military operation since World War II.

We don’t yet know the full impact, however, when conflict with Russian backed separatists broke out in Luhansk and Donetsk in 2014 it created a wave of internal displacement, with people leaving their homes and belongings to escape conflict. At the end of 2020 over 700,000 people were still displaced as a result. The humanitarian cost of this new conflict looks likely to be even greater.

Team Hope has worked in Ukraine for decades, through our partner based in Odessa. Together with them this year we have delivered 34,642 shoeboxes to children affected by poverty. Our partners have been planning for the last number of weeks how they can assist those affected by conflict through working alongside churches and other organisations. They will now be mobilising to meet emergency needs such as providing emergency food, hygiene kits or other essential support and, as the situation becomes clearer, Team Hope will be supporting them in this.

For regular updates please keep an eye on our social media pages (linked at the bottom of the page). As we hear from our partners we will share whatever updates we can.

Map of Ukraine