Keri-Leigh “Even just one shoebox makes all the difference!”

How did you first come to hear about Team Hope and the Christmas Shoebox Appeal?

I had first come to hear about the shoebox appeal when I was a young child as every year my family would make up shoe boxes. It was something that had become a tradition within our family and we would look forward to making up shoeboxes together


How have you gotten involved in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal?

I have tried to find many ways to get involved with the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Every year since I was very young I would donate a shoe box. During my time in Dealz I had made a good friend who is a team hope representative we would communicate often with each other and if ever there was anything I could donate I would reach out to her. Last year I had the pleasure going to Romania with team hope and this was a massive opportunity for me to get involved with Team Hope.


How has the Christmas Shoebox Appeal impacted your life?

The Christmas shoebox appeal has impacted my life in so many ways. As a child making these boxes I had absolutely no idea what just that one box did for a child. I had grown up with a very comfortable life I had everything I wanted and needed. When in Romania I had seen how happy these children where with the smallest things such as toothpaste and socks and soap. These are the things I have taken for granted my whole life. It was difficult for me seeing a lot of these children as some of them are only 16-17 and not much younger than myself. I watched how grateful these young ladies were over getting a hairbrush and sanitary products that I have always considered an essential item. It has really made me reconsider the little things I give out about on a daily basis that are things that just don’t matter, watching this happening and knowing I was only recently that age seeing their daily routines and houses and their gifts it really all has made me so much more grateful in my everyday life


How have you been involved with the Shoebox Appeal since your return from Romania?

This year I have tried to be involved with team hope in my own way. Once returning from Romania I had started going to my local Leisureplex with my boyfriend and friends and each time I would leave will at least 1 Teddy from the machines. So I told myself that any teddies I will win will go into shoeboxes this year. With the shoe boxes going online I have decided that I will keep collecting and send them next year. I have also been staying in contact with my team hope representative to see if there is anything at all I can do. I myself am going to be donating 5 shoeboxes this year and have asked my family that instead of getting me presents this year for Christmas it would mean much more if they would send shoeboxes out


How can other people get involved in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal this year?

Getting involved with the Christmas Shoebox appeal this year is easy. All you have to do is go to and follow the steps to donate as many shoeboxes as you like. Even just one shoebox makes all the difference!


-Keri-Leigh, store manager at Dealz