Helga’s Story

Some of the stories we hear are heartbreaking, but we know that every shoebox sends love and joy to the child who receives it.

Our Romanian partners work with the families that live in two converted pig barns in  an area called Deva. Around 60 children live in this community with their families. Our partners have been working in the area for some time, recognising the poverty experienced by families there.

Theyrun a morning programme for preschoolers and an afternoon programme for homework support.

Helga, aged 4, is one of 10 siblings that live in two rooms with their mum and dad in the area. Not long ago she suffered a burn on her scalp due to a household accident. She and lost a lot of the hair on her head and has had a long journey of healing.

Our partners said that Helga has such a great spirit and the shoebox she received brought her immense happiness and the biggest smile.

Every single shoebox brings joy and love to the child who received it. We only wish we could reach every child!

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