COVID-19 Education in Kenya

Michael Muendo lives in the Kamale community in southern Kenya. When the COVID pandemic began Michael, his wife and their four children had very little information about that was going on.

They were told to keep the children at home but they didn’t understand why. They didn’t know how the virus was spreading or what they could do to keep themselves safe.

Our partners in the area recognised the need for accurate information and supplies among their community and we at Team Hope were able to fund the incredible work they have done in:

1. Reaching out to vulnerable families

2. Running a community awareness campaign on COVID-19, hand hygiene and safety practices.

Our partners employed and trained public health officers to make socially-distant visits to over 300 homes.

These public health officers received a week of training on COVID-19 and local social workers were able to direct them to the most vulnerable families in their villages. Despite poor road conditions they were able to use motor bikes to carry soaps, hand washing kits and health items to families.

Over 1,300 children were visited and were provided with hand washing equipment and education on COVID-19, the importance of social distancing, face-masks and hand washing.

This awareness has left a landmark in my family because now washing hands with a soap is a lifestyle”.

Michael described how they had no updated knowledge about COVID-19, especially how it was spreading and the appropriate prevention measures.

They also had no toilet or hand washing facilities.

Michael’s family were taught how to make the soap locally and use it regularly to wash their hands. They now have both a toilet and hand washing facilities and have been trained on how to stay COVID safe.

Rachael Ngaanga and her family of six were also visited by the team.

I decided [after the home visit] to be wearing masks in public, keeping social distance, washing hands with soap regularly and avoid touching possible surfaces which can be able to infect us with COVID-19.”

Rachael has also started growing vegetables having learned that a balanced diet will boost her families immune system.

Public Awareness

The second part of the campaign was a public awareness campaign, providing accurate COVID-19 education. This was done in conjunction with local county government, the office of the president and the ministry of health.

Almost 5,000 people were reached during a one week campaign undertaken at 14 market areas.

Working together we have been able to support our Kenyan partners in making a huge difference to families like Michael’s and Rachel’s. Thank you so much for your support.

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