Couch to 5k in the dark!

Couch to 5k in the dark!

Clare Carleton and Andrea Bradford are our Monaghan team coordinators and on a normal year would coordinate all of the boxes collected in Monaghan.

This year they’ve found a whole new way to make a difference!

From Clare and Andrea:

As Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal moves online for 2020, due to the effects of Covid-19 restrictions, we are going to attempt to complete the Couch To 5k to help raise awareness and also to build online boxes. So instead of running around collecting and checking shoeboxes this November, we will be running around Monaghan in the cold on the dark evenings after work- this should prove quite a challenge as we are both very unfit! We will aim to complete a 5k run in December all being well!!

All funds will be used to purchase shoeboxes online for €20 each and will allow Team Hope’s network of local partners in Africa and Eastern Europe to purchase items for shoeboxes, which will then be wrapped and delivered directly into the hands of children. Often these shoeboxes are the only gift that a child will receive at Christmas and the joy that they deliver is incredible.

Help us to help others – thank you in advance.

Andrea and Clare x