Transnistria was a province of Moldova.  In the early 1990s it brokeaway, to form the new republic of Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica or Transnistria.  Although still unrecognized by most countries, it proudly boasts its own army, currency, government, police force and border posts.

TEAM HOPE’s partner in Tiraspol, the capital city, is a church which displays a real concern for the people of its country – the poorest in Europe.

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Dima and Katya’s Story

Dima and Katya (not their real names) now live in the TEAM HOPE supported orphanage near Tiraspol.

Their parents were alcoholics, living on the streets with Dima and Katya. The children were sent out to beg to get money for drink.  The family ended up living in a warehouse, with no sanitary facilities or heat.  To keep warm in winter time they burned old rubber boots and other waste. Tragically Dima and Katya witnessed the death of both their parents through exposure.

In 2006 they were given a new home at the orphanage, where they experienced the sort of love and care they had never seen before. Slowly their suspicion and trauma disappeared, and now they are two of the most friendly, outgoing children in the orphanage. Dima is now 15, likes to work hard, sings and loves break dancing ! Katya is 11, and loves to help in the kitchen and enjoys needlework.

Your help has made it possible !

Area (in sq. km.) 4, 200
Population 520, 000
Capital Tiraspol
Predominant religion Orthodox
Main Language Moldovan & Russian
HIV/AIDS rate % of adults 0.4
Life expectancy (in years) 69
Infant Mortality 13.5
GDP $ per person 2, 300
% Below poverty line 30