Romania is the very first country that Team Hope started working in to. More than twenty years ago through our partner Liviu Balas, based in Cluj, we had the privilege of reaching children in incredibly difficult situations and shared love with them through the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Since those early days we have been involved in a huge range of activities, reaching across all age brackets from the youngest children right through to the elderly community who still need care and attention.

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Team Hope is focused through our projects and programmes to create a system of Self-sufficiency with all our in-country partners. We do this through an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) method. Our partners are looking at all their activities with a view to creating self-sufficiency.

One of Team Hope’s newest CDP projects in Romania is a dental campaign, providing free treatment for the children most in need in Western Romania.

Some of our projects in recent times include various levels of input in the following :

  • God’s Mountain – a family style orphanage in Cluj
  • Residential Social Centre in Cluj for street kids
  • Building and finishing a home for women and babies at risk
  • HIV/AIDS Education programmes in Timisoara.
  • International Volunteer teams, reaching out to the most vulnerable children, offering them genuine love and hope.
  • Computer training and counselling courses for unemployed young people
  • Agricultural project to provide food for the elderly
  • Food and shelter for flood victims in Eastern Romania

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Team Hope has been sending Christmas Shoebox gifts to the children of Romania for many years now. Despite it’s inclusion in the European Union for many years, there are still huge areas of neglect. As usual, it’s the children who get neglected most. To date we have sent over 750,000 Christmas Shoeboxes through our partners to the children in greatest need.

Children all across the world are hugely impacted by the generosity of the people all across Ireland. Take a look at our 90 second video that has been viewed by over 50 million people world wide.

Click here to get a better look at all of our Community Development Project activity

We have had a wide variety of International Volunteers help in many different ways. Work Teams from Ireland have helped in building and renovating orphanages, Summer Camp teams have taken children for an amazing two weeks of fun in the Romanian mountains – actually Dracula’s home town of Valea Dragului.

We have also had individual volunteers giving time to work with children in some of the children’s centre.

CFSThe Tudorica* family (*name protected) is Dad, Mum and four young children aged 9, 7, 4 and 3. Mum is in prison, and Dad has no trade so he cannot get a job and has to make do with occasional casual work.

But he loves the children and does his best to provide food for them. They live in an improvised hut – no running water, gas or heating, and the winter temperature can be down to minus 15 degrees.

The family’s income consists of €32 a month in benefits, and whatever Dad gets from his casual work. This is hardly enough to feed the family.

Team Hope’s help has literarily made the difference between life and death for the Tudorica Family. Despite the fact that life is still extremely difficult for the family, they are very thankful for the kindness shown to them. Together with local social workers, we are working: To encourage and support Dad in finding a job.

To give them financial support for food and school material so that the children will attend school. To help them pay to build a one room house having water and electricity supply. To help them with furniture.

Population 21.6 million
Capital Bucharest
Area 239,000 Sq Km
% Urban/Rural Divide 50/50
Average Age 48
Life Expectancy 75

Main Languages Romanian
Main Religions Christian
GDP ($ per capita –world Avg=$16,000) 18,200
Main Economic Activity Natural Resources, Agriculture, Industrial