We work with partners in Mozambique, providing care for orphans all over the country, also as they develop into teenagers and young adults.
Mozambique, one of the world’s poorest countries also has one of the highest AIDS rates in the world.  Working through local churches and organisations, TEAM HOPE are committed to help in areas of AIDS education, practical home based care and orphan care.

For the last three years Irish Aid has funded our HIV/AIDS Home based care programme in Gaza and Inhambane provinces.

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Leonardo’s story (from our partners in Mozambique)

Leonardo is a traditional drum-maker, living in a rural village beside the Limpopo river, who has been infected with the HIV virus.  When our team met him he was sitting on a mat in the baking Mozambican sun, with a bottle of water, and unable to move unaided.   He explained how his family had moved away, and his only source of income was from his trade of drum-making.  But now, because of his illness, he was too weak to cross the river to the nearest town to buy skins for the drums.  Life, he said, held no future or no hope.

Our team prayed with him, and promised to visit regularly and to buy him some skins in the market.

Three months later Leonardo was a different man.  We met him standing up outside his house.  The highlight of his week was the regular visits and care he was now receiving from our volunteer team. He was so appreciative, feeling better and now had something to look forward to !

Area (in sq. km.) 800,000 ( 11 x size of Ireland )

Population 21.7 million
Capital Maputo
Predominant religion Christian / Muslim / Traditional
Main Language Portuguese / Tribal
HIV/AIDS rate % of adults 12.5
Life expectancy (in years) 41
Infant Mortality 106
GDP $ per person 900
% Below poverty line 70