For several years now, TEAM HOPE is working with partners in the capital city of Chisinau, tackling the terrible issues of human trafficking for the sex/work trade by:

  • Funding an educational / prevention programmes in local schools, aimed at informing teenagers about the dangers of being enticed into working abroad. This project has now been recognised by the government in Moldova as a real breakthrough for change
  • Renovation and funding a rehabilitation shelter for Moldovan girls who have returned home, having been trafficked into Russia or Western Europe.
  • Income generation, teaching these girls new ways of earning their own wage, through self respect. Recovering dignity and realising they have real Hope for the future.
  • Providing both rural and city employment start up opportunities that give these girls both income and self respect.

We also work in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria, a self-declared republic in Eastern Moldova.

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Martha (not her real name) is happy that she’s back at home in Moldova. Home is a small two roomed village house that she shares with her husband and three children, about 15km outside the nation’s capital – Chisinau.

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She didn’t have money to feed her children, and three years ago a ‘family friend’ offered to help her get a good job working as a seamstress in Odessa, just 150km away.  She was told she would get a good salary and be trained for the job.  When Martha arrived in Odessa all her documents were taken and her ‘friend’ sold her into the prostitution business in Turkey.  She had become another victim of Sex Trafficking. For eighteen months she was kept with other girls in a basement.  She was brutally beaten and raped, day and night.

Eventually, one day neighbours complained about noise and activities, police raided the house where she was kept, they freed the girls and sent Martha back to Odessa, from where she made her way home across the border to Chisinau. Almost two years have passed, and today Martha still struggles to feed her children.  Her husband has no job, because of problems with alcohol, and he forbids Martha to work.

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TEAM HOPE’s partners in Chisinau are providing food for the family, and helping Martha to get an education and a job. Martha told us “I will eat dirt, but I will never again agree to go somewhere abroad to earn money”. It’s a wise decision, one that many girls in Moldova will not make.

Our partners focus on ‘Rescue & Restoration’ programmes for these women. They learn to respect and even love themselves again. They are taught new crafts and skills that help them become independent again. With their new skills they supply and run their very own craft store (pictured). This goes a long way to helping provide some much need income, which again helps to improve self esteem. 

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Area (in sq. km.) 33, 843 sq km – less than half the size of Ireland

Population 4, 324, 450
Capital Chisinau (Kishinev)
Predominant religion Eastern Orthodox … 98%
Main Language Moldovan & Russian
HIV/AIDS rate % of adults 0.4
Life expectancy (in years) 70.5
Infant Mortality 13.5
GDP $ per person 2, 300
% Below poverty line 29.5