Within the tiny country of Lesotho, completely surrounded by South Africa – 24% of the adult population are now living with HIV/AIDS, which is the third highest rate in the world. With such high rates, it’s no surprise that 23% of all children aged 5-14 are now involved in the work force. Development projects are key to Team Hope’s strategy and future in Lesotho.

One of our partners Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Lesotho Flying Doctor Service have been providing HIV/AIDS Home Base Care for people living with HIV/AIDS in mountain areas. This project has been funded by Team Hope over recent years.

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Team Hope is focused through our projects and programme sectors to create a system of Self-sufficiency with all our in-country partners. We do this through an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) method.

We have spent the last two years looking at conservation farming as the way forward, both for sustainable agriculture and as a means of bringing children in to the schools system.

Through our In-country partners, we have provided funding for a poultry farming project in Butha Buthe, northern Lesotho. Creating both food and some badly needed income.

Helping in children’s centres for OVC’s in two very mountainous regions of Lesotho.

A second In-country partner – Jill Kinsey, has been working for many years in the roll of provider, carer and surrogate mother to almost 100 children who have been rescued from various situations of high risk. Jill has been active in running two children’s centres, the largest one based in Pulane, deep in the southern mountains of Lesotho. You may have seen Jill appear most recently on TV3’s flagship programme TV: AM

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Team Hope has been sending Christmas Shoebox gifts to the children of Lesotho for many years now. Despite it’s small size, as one of the poorest countries in the developing world the children are hugely impacted by the generosity of the people all across Ireland. Take a look at our 90 second video that has been viewed by over 50 million people world wide.

Now successfully sending Shoebox gifts to three main regions of Lesotho, Northern, Central and Southern, also reaching more & more of the Shepherd boys who get the chance to get an education through the pencils & materials they find inside their Shoebox presents. Team Hope has sent almost 200,000 Christmas Shoebox gifts to date

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International Volunteer Teams from Ireland have helped in running camps for the poorest section of children living in the mountains near the great Katse Dam whilst also doing school renovations.

Nthaby’s story

Starting as part of our HIV/AIDS Home Based Care teams, Nthaby is now one of TEAM HOPE’s Christmas Shoebox partners based in the countries capital, Maseru and is also involved in reaching out to the children living in the poorer sections of the city. Running on a ‘shoestring budget’, Nthaby and her mother work tirelessly to show these children, (many whom are running child led households) that there is a hope for the future and people they have never even met do care for them.

They run after school clubs, give them back their childhood with songs and games, try to provide some food whenever possible and teach them the life skills that they won’t learn on the streets: how to share, how to care for each other, learn genuine Christian values of love and friendship.

What started out with just a few children now has almost 100 kids being helped every week. Through the compassion of Nthaby and her Mom, these kids are getting a real chance in life.

Population 2.1 million
Capital Maseru
Area 30,500 Sq Km
% Urban/Rural Divide 30/70
Average Age 21
Life Expectancy 50

Main Languages Sesotho, English
Main Religions Christian, Traditional
GDP ($ per capita – world Avg=$16,000) 2493
Main Economic Activity Agriculture