As with most African countries, Kenya is largely agricultural, with coffee and tea being its main cash crops. The climate varies from tropical to arid, and the international tourism business is becoming increasingly important.

Over the last few years there has been very little rain and there is a real threat of famine in parts of Kenya.

In the Machacos region where TEAM HOPE works, the problem is in harvesting the rain that does fall to become a useful tool in helping some incredibly poor communities to survive and prosper. Through our partners there we have grown from providing simple water filters to complete water programme including river dams, Earth dams and health and hygiene education.

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Team Hope is focused through our projects and programmes to create a system of Self-sufficiency with all our in-country partners. We do this through an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) method.

Working with a local partner in Ngangani in Southern Kenya to bring safe drinking water to an area where drinkable water is scarce. Providing Bio-sand water filters for households who have no access to boreholes, giving them clear drinking water for the rest of their lives. Pan dams, River dams and Earth dams all work in providing the vital source of water for both drinking and farming.

Tree planting and other environmental projects in schools and communities in rural areas of Machakos.
Dam constructions that provide good water harvesting for crop farming, even through the dry spells. Our most recent activity is through our Confirming Hope projects that bring fresh drinking water supplies to classrooms in the Ngangani regions.

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Team Hope visited a school in Ngangani, Machackos County in Kenya last year to help our partners distribute some of the Ready-Made Shoeboxes. These are some stories about the children who received the boxes:

  • Mutheu has 3 brothers and at 12 years old he is the eldest in the family. He can’t decide whether he likes the pen or the ball he got in his shoebox most. In the end he chooses the pen because he’d like to be a teacher when he grows up!
  • Mary is in grade 4 and she loved the lolly pop she got and the way it turned her tongue blue! She is 9 years old and in Grade 4 in school. She liked the exercise books in her shoebox the most because she says she likes education so much! She wants to be a pilot when she grows up.

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  • Mutura is 10 years old and likes the socks he got in his shoebox the best. He’d like to be a carpenter when he grows up.
  • Vaati is 7 years old and he loves the noisy football flute he got in his shoebox the best. We’re sure he’s going to put it to good use! He’d like to be a driver when he grows up so he’ll practise making car horn noises with it!

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  • Margaret is aged 11 and she likes the books and pens in her shoebox the best as she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She’s the middle child in amongst 6 sisters and speaks very good English!
  • Susan is 6 years old, she has 1 sister and she likes the toothpaste in her shoebox the best.
  • Mary is in grade 4 and is 9 years old. She has 2 younger sisters and she was delighted to have got some socks in her shoebox!
  • Peter is 7 years old and wants to be a doctor too. He likes the pen he got in his shoebox the best.

Hear from a teacher at the Primary School in Ngangani about the impact Ready-Made Shoeboxes had last year with the children HERE

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Take a look at our 90 second video of children ion Brundi which has been viewed by over 50 million people world wide.

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Until Florence (who lives in rural Kenya) got a TEAM HOPE Bio-sand water filter supplying clean water in her home, her family always had stomach problems. Sadly, her husband has also passed away at a very young age.

Now, it’s no more dirty water, illness and hospital visits. She told us “Now I’m healthy and my children can go to school … Thank you TEAM HOPE for making this possible”

Our team of summer volunteers were involved in renovating a local school, and running a kid’s summer camp programme with the children of the school in Kinango Province, Eastern Kenya.

“It truly was the most humbling and inspirational experience” … said one of the younger team members

Population: 46 million
Capital: Narobi
Area: 582,000 Sq Km
% Urban/Rural Divide: 25/75
Average Age: 19
Life Expectancy: 62

Main Languages: Kiswahiil
Main Religions: Christian
GDP ($ per capita –world Avg=$16,000): 2705
Main Economic Activity: Natural Resources, Agriculture