Team Hope has been working in Belarus for many years now. Our partners there are working with children who face daily struggles due to poverty and health issues. Over the years we have brought real joy through our summer camps, bringing them to purpose built health and wellbeing centres. All Team Hope’s partners are through strong and long established relationships.

Team Hope is focused through our projects and programmes to create a system of Self-sufficiency with all our in-country partners. We do this through an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) method. Previously, we ran our ‘skinny cow’ project which brought modern farming methods to cattle farmers who were delighted to learn how they could improve their produce yields.

Having funded many other programmes, Team Hope are proud to work in this region that needs so much help.

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Team Hope has been sending Christmas Shoebox gifts to the children of Belarus for many years now. As one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, the children are hugely impacted by the generosity of the people all across Ireland.

Despite much progress, there is still enormous needs in many areas
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Population: 9.3 million
Area: Sq Km
% Urban/Rural Divide: 76/24
Average Age: 39.5
Life Expectancy: 71

Main Languages:
Main Religions:
GDP ($ per capita –world Avg=$16,000): 17,054
Main Economic Activity: