Christmas Shoebox Appeal (NI)

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Every Box is Special Because Every Child is Special

The Christmas Shoebox Appeal in Northern Ireland is a result of an exciting partnership between Team Hope and Drop Inn Ministries.


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Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal is well established as the largest shoebox appeal in Ireland, last year delivering Christmas Shoebox gifts to 259,079 children – many of whose families have to survive in very difficult conditions. Now, together with leading Northern Irish charity Drop Inn Ministries (whose charity shops are well known all over Northern Ireland) we’re asking you to share your Christmas and help us bring a little of God’s love to even more vulnerable children this year.
We will deliver your shoebox gift into the hands of some of the world’s poorest children, bringing a little of God’s love with lots of joy, laughter and hope.

How to take part in 2019

Getting involved is simple! All you have to do is find an empty shoebox and wrap it in Christmas paper. If you can’t find one we can always help with our Flat Pack Shoeboxes {link}.

Then fill the shoebox with gifts for a boy or girl aged between 2 and 14, and bring it to a local drop off point on or before Friday, November 8th.  (we had over 50 across Northern Ireland, so there’s bound to be one near you) Here are some suggestions

After that we do the rest! Our teams of fantastic volunteers carefully check that each Shoebox gift meets custom and safety requirements before sealing them and loading them onto a truck to be sent on their way. Once they arrive, our International Partners make sure your Christmas Shoebox gifts go directly to a child affected by poverty; for many it will be the only gift like this they’ll have ever received.

To see how special that is, click here to watch our video

For more information on Drop Inn Ministries work in Ireland and overseas, click here  Team Hope with Drop Inn bringing hope across Northern Ireland and overseas.

CONTACT US (0044 7802510762)  or order online here FOR OUR LEAFLETS

Where your Shoeboxes went in 2018!