Confirming Hope Spring 2018 Update

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Confirmation classes, LCVP classes, individuals and Girl Guides have generously supported students in Malawi this year!

BOTA99412We have recently received word from our partners that 150 students have received Schools Packs this month from the generous donations of students here in Ireland!                                                                                                                                                      150 students can now attend school and receive an education- the first and most important step in making their way out of poverty.

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Our partners performed a ‘vulnerability assessment’  to identify the children most in need of this help.

None of these students had ever owned a school bag before!

The only students with school bags at the school were those who received Team Hope schools packs from last years project.



One of the students wrote a poem to Team Hope and you, their supporters:


Thank you Team Hope, Thank you New Life Ministry For sending these present to me

Am happy for sending these presents, It is like my golden chance indeed

But continuing help me please, To open the door for my ambitions And to fix up my goals

Of becoming a teacher. To bring sight to the sightless As the teachers do

Oh Team hope Be with me please Don’t leave me alone As your love for me is full

You are my shield, Share me your shadow The shadow of your armpits To make my refuge

Until these troubles pass away.

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