Spirit Radio
April 20, 2017

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had the privilege of speaking to the listeners of Spirit Radio about our work. This is part of a series that we will be continuing into May of this year, talking about the issues facing the poorest people in our world today and what we are doing to address them. … Continue reading “Spirit Radio”

Addressing Hunger (SDG 2)
August 5, 2016

Cattle rearing projects, new farming methods, nutrition projects for under 5 year olds and school lunch provision are just some of the projects aimed at addressing real hunger issues across many countries. Food security and self-sustainable farming projects are currently proving very successful with Team Hope’s in-country partners

Healthcare (SDG 3)
August 4, 2016

Making quality healthcare available to all, particularly children, regardless of income levels, has been a major driving force of Team Hope’s partners. Whether through clinics, hospitals, HIV/AIDS care or many other components, at all times we are looking to bring sustainable care to all those in real need.

Quality Education (SDG 4)
August 3, 2016

Making sure that education is available to all children, regardless of income or background, is a vital part of our Community Development Projects. Ensuring fully inclusive, quality and modern learning, Technology and E-learning’ has also become an important aspect of this sectors future.

Gender Empowerment (SDG 5)
August 2, 2016

Across the globe, Gender Empowerment and equality is recognised as a leading requirement development goal. Recognising that everyone is equal in God’s sight is a fundamental pillar of all we do. Sadly, in many cultures gender roles are stereotypical and particularly women are treated badly and often violently. Addressing this with our partners, we seek to support projects where everyone is equally respected, irrespective of gender, age, religion, class or skin colour.

Clean Water [ SDG 6 ]
August 1, 2016

Looking at various projects that can help to ensure availability of quality water for drinking, farming and good hygiene practices across the project countries. Having previously successfully worked in Mozambique, our current Water projects are focused in the Machakos region of Kenya.