Schoolbag 4 Malawi

A Schoolbag, like a Shoebox Gift for vulnerable children overseas, provides much more than educational items, it gives hope.

So this month we’re asking you to give a donation of €20 for a Schoolbag for a child in Malawi. With your donation Team Hope will arrange with our partner for this Schoolbag, with some copy books pencils and other educational items, to give  a child access to a quality education and hope for the future. Make your donation here please 


“Your Schoolbag donation to Team Hope really does make a huge difference for children in places like Malawi” Carol Hennessey, Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal National Manager pictured above. “With your donation of €20 for a Schoolbag some of these same children will be able to take notes in class and do their homework. We know over 90% of children in school don’t have these basics so your help now will make all the difference. Please donate as you can to help children like little ‘Chris’ who I met when I visited with our partner in Malawi last year – he’s so excited about learning in class and wants to be a teacher”.

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Donate to: Schoolbag 4 Malawi

€20 for a new Schoolbag with copy books, pencils and lots of other educational items, to give a child in Malawi access to a quality education and hope for the future. SPK

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“We didn’t just give a Schoolbag to a child living in Malawi – we gave them a chance of getting an education” Dave & Sandy, long time supporters of Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal. “Each year we trust Team Hope to get our Shoeboxes into the hands of a vulnerable child so that’s why we decided to give them a donation this month for a Schoolbag full of school supplies for a primary school student.” 


“Team Hope’s Shoeboxes and Schoolbags provide so much more than practical and educational needs for children in places like Malawi. They can be a pathway to education and a hope for vulnerable children.” Stephen Conway, Team Hope’s International Projects Coordinator (with poem included below), in a recent partner report from Malawi. 

As one child said in a poem, written in thanks for his new Scholbag:  “…thank you, it is like my golden chance indeed… to fix up my goals of becoming a teacher…“ 

Thank you for supporting the work of Team Hope

and helping boys & girls attend class with Schoolbags 4 Malawi. 

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