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After the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal last year, our Director, Niall Barry, traveled to Swaziland with TV3 to distribute YOUR Christmas Shoeboxes to children living in poverty.


Over 21,000 shoeboxes went from Ireland to Swaziland last year, with over a quarter of a million shoeboxes collected and distributed to children in need accross Eastern Europe and Africa. What a generous nation we live in!

While in Swaziland the IrelandAM team saw the huge needs of the people there and Niall was able to introduce them to the many groups that we help, through our Christmas Shoebox Appeal partners. The team decided that this work needed to be highlighted and created a series of segments, focusing on different areas of our work. Click the links below to watch these shows on 3Player. Wanting to help the campaign but unfortunately got no money? Play and earn at, it is an online slot website where you can win huge amount of money!


“Swaziland, Africa, has the highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the world, with over 42% of the population HIV positive. HIV related deaths have created over 120,000 orphans” –Sinead Desmond, IrelandAM presenter

Team Hope work in Swaziland to create sustainable, self sufficient communities.


Child Headed Households


As a result of HIV & AIDS many orphans are left alone to fend for themselves in what are called child-headed households. Team Hope partner with local organisations to maximise the impact we can have in this beautiful, yet devastated, area.

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“The children are here becuase they have lost their parents to HIV and AIDs and other [issues]” – Thabsile Thwala, Manager at the Fortress Orphanage

Thwala runs a family home for orphans in Swaziland and currently cares for 12 children.

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Gender Empowerment

Over 30% of women in Swaziland are living with HIV. They have a lower position than men in society and are often very vulnerable.

Team Hope work to give women the power to help themselves and their families out of poverty. We work to bring women together to support each other and to make a lasting difference in their communities.


“This project inspires vulnerable women from low income households to help themselves and their children by using their own resources and initiatives to do things they thought were not possible” –Sinead Desmond, IrelandAM presenter

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Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal in Swaziland

We have just finished doing a days [shoebox] distribution with Team Hope and it has been very eye opening and really uplifting… I cannot tell you how excited these children get… A lot of the children that we’ve given gifts to have never, ever, ever received a gift. For many of them it was the first toy they’ve ever had… Team Hope definitely brings hope!” – Sinead Desmond, IrelandAM presenter

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“These gifts are expensive… and more than being expensive, they are coming from a willing heart” – Manala Mlotsa, Pastor

“Today, some of them, [it is] their first time to get a teddy bear.” – Nomille Dlamini, Volunteer

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Watch Niall on TV3’s IrelandAM, officially launching this year’s Christmas Shoebox appeal and setting this year’s target at 275,000 shoeboxes!


4w'sAs mentioned this morning here are our 4W’s!

Get some ideas from our poster on what you can put in your box with our 4W’s poster!

For more info on what you can and cannot send click here!

Thank you so much for your support.


“You’re not called Team Hope for nothing!” – Clare McKenna, IrelandAM presenter

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  • To make a Christmas Shoebox, click here and download or order a leaflet.

  • To get your friends, family or workplace involved you can also order promotional material here and download school resources here.

  • To donate to our women’s self-help Savings and Loans scheme in Swaziland click here. And for any other information contact us at or call 01 2940222.

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